Harjeen & Hani

Harjeen & Hani chose  Barcelona to celebrate their dream wedding together with all their friends and family.

The celebrations kicked off with a fun Spanish themed Welcome Night, with a typical guitarist and flamenco dancers, at the W Hotel over looking the sea. Harjeen and Hani got to greet all their guests before the big day, as well as introducing those that did not know each other. A great ice-breaker for the next day!

Castell de Sant Marçal was the chosen location for their wedding. The couple arrived with their bridesmaids and grooms men a little earlier than their guests, had their first look, and then a little photo shoot before the celebrations started.

Harjeen and Hani’s wedding was a mix of different traditions and cultural celebrations, from Lebanese to Jordanian… The wedding was full of surprises! The bride and groom’s arrival was marked with the exchange of the rings in the picturesque gardens, followed by a never ending reception that was a constant flow of music, dancing, food and cocktails.

A few details to check out in the video and the pics below: the seating plan with white roses that were gifted to their guests, the string musicians we had welcoming guests to the dinning area, the couple’s entrance with the Zaffe, the wedding cake which was teller than the groom, and the beautiful chandeliers and set up we had at the reception… Which is your favourite part of this wedding?

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