Set in the heart of Barcelona, I found a master craftsman jewellers workshop where different jewellers produce unique pieces, true artists, who design and make singular jewels with lots of love.

I have followed Toni, the jeweller at La Joyeria Artesana, on Social Media for some time, and I am in love with his Instagram profile.

He shows you all the fabrication process, from the block of raw gold, to how he heats and melts the metal in his oven, how he pulls and bends the metal, and how it finally starts taking shape. Will it be a ring? Some earrings? Maybe a pendant? Then he attaches the precious stones, and polishes them. Then he publishes the final photo of the finished piece of jewellery, ready for it’s new owner. And to tell you the truth, I love them all!

Toni followed his father’s footsteps, who was the owner of Topazi jewellers, in Gracia, Barcelona. After working in the family business for 20 years, after his father retired, he decided he wanted to change the way he worked. They closed their shop, and Toni set up a workshop where he personally meets his clients with pre arranged appointments.

He admits that at first, in his teens, he wasn’t very attracted to the idea of working in the family’s business, but he soon discovered that he was able to create unique jewels for special moments in life. Toni says that he soon fell in love with his job, he says it is a gift to see how the pieces he has created from zero become special to those who wear them.


At his workshop in Poble Sec, Barcelona, Toni welcomes you to visit him and design your jewels. He allows you to personalize your engagement or wedding rings, making them unique.

From your first idea or sketch, he will help you with the design, personalizing it, and even let you take part in the production, by melting the block of gold in his workshop. Yes, you did just read that! – Toni invites the couples who order their wedding rings to join him at his workshop and melt the gold. You can even take your photographer along with you, to photograph you while you are at work making your own wedding rings.

La Joyería Artesana’s philosophy is that “each piece has a great value to whom wears it”, he says in a romantic tone of voice. And this is the reason why he is so in love with his work, by knowing that each piece he makes, will make someone happy.


At La Joyería Artesana there are no wedding rings made with moulds. Toni helps couple’s to design each set of wedding rings themselves with his assistance and vast knowledge. Toni also offers the possibility of designing and making earrings, necklaces and bracelets to match your rings for your wedding day.

Toni told us that there are no computers nor printers allowed in his workshop, which at first made me think: How strange… But I now understand that he is a true craftsman, with years of hands on experience. They don’t use computers to design their pieces nor 3D printers to make parts. Their philosophy is against the new jewellery technology revolution. At La Joyería Artesana, they follow the old school method. Each piece has been manufacture by himself, from his pencil sketches to the final packaging. For me, La Joyería Artesana is a true artisan master craftsman.

While at the workshop, Toni brought out a collection of sample rings that he shows couples when deciding on their wedding rings. Toni offers different effect finishes to his rings: matt, sparkly, lined, as well as different colours: rose gold, all black… There is no best seller, but he does say there is one point in common in most of the couples who’s rings he designs, and that is the comfort ring. Comfort rings have no edges on the inner side of the ring, they are made with an interior half cane, meaning the edges of the inner part of the ring are rounded, giving the ring a very comfortable feel.


And so, I now invite you to check his Instagram Page La Joyería Artesana, and follow him, I am sure you will be addicted to his posts, guessing what he is designing next. And if you wish to visit him, send him a private message.

During my visit to La Joyería Artesana, photographer Toni Galitó, from Petó de Cine, who specializes in Storytelling photography came with me. His style is natural photography in which he tells the story of your wedding day.

And if you are looking for a helping hand with your wedding planning or coordination, at Just Married Barcelona we would love to hear more about your dream wedding!

See you soon!  😉

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