Many couples are sure they want to contract a wedding photographer, but you don’t seem to know if you want a wedding video and doubt when contracting one. I had this same feeling when I got married, and I am really happy that I decided to make the decision to contract my videographer, even though it was last minute, it was one of the best decisions I made.

Now, as wedding planner, but also as the bride I once was, here is the answer to “Do I want a videographer at my wedding?” – Definitely, YES!

A photographer will take lovely photos of you getting ready with your closest, – natural or portrait – you choose, but a videographer will record all the bubbly feelings and chit chat amongst the chaos of all the girls getting ready in that one room that very special morning. 

Just Married Barcelona Destinaion Wedding Sitges
Destination Wedding Sitges Just Married Barcelona

You will remember the butterflies you felt in your tummy just before walking up the altar for all your life, but with a video, you will get to see how it felt for your friends and family that were around you, getting ready to walk with you… And let’s not forget your other half’s face, when seeing you, and how he/she could hardly keep still with a mixture of excitement and joy.

Castell de Tamarit Destination Wedding Just Married Barcelona
Castell de Tamarit Destination Wedding Just Married Barcelona

Your ceremony vows will be recorded, as well as all the readings, allowing you to relive them again and again.

Castell de Tamarit Just Married Barcelona Destination Wedding Ceremony Sea views
Just Married Barcelona Elopement

Same goes for the wedding speeches, you will get to treasure them forever and watch them over again, taking you back to that specific moment. 

Castell de Tamairt Destination Wedding Just Married Barcelona
Castell de Sant Marçal Destination Wedding Just Married Barcelona
Destination Wedding Sitges

With video, you will get to see all your loved ones again. You’ll see how happy they were, how they wanted to help you, how they enjoyed your wedding, and how much they felt for you both.

And now, further on down the line, I have two kids, who love to see how their family was 10 years ago, they get to see a younger version of me and their dad, their grandparents, uncles, aunties and cousins, and they love it!

Contact me and let’s start looking through wedding videos, and contact those videographers you like to check their availability for your wedding day!
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