This week I have taken part in ZankYou‘s digital magazine’s latest publication on How to choose your Wedding Table Names in 5 steps  Wedding Table Names are an important part of your wedding as they identify the tables where you guests will be seated. They play a significant role in your table decoration and this is why I always recommend that they fit in to the rest of the wedding decor, fitting in with the style and colour theme that you have chosen. Once you have decided on your wedding style: Romantic, Rustic, Boho Chic, Elegant, Vintage…) you should then decide on a colour theme and the materials you want to use. Wedding stationary, as we knew it up to now, has experienced major changes. We can now personalize every detail, starting with your initial invites, which work as an introduction to your wedding, to the table names, placement cards, menu cards… giving a sense of continuity, creating a sweet-toned harmonious setting. As seen in these examples by And it’s not just the designs that you can customize. There are designer companies who offer all the “stationery” (Invitations, Seating Plan, Table Names, Name Place Cards…) in different materials like paper, wood, methacrylate,  or ceramic. Like the ones featured in the photos by Leloup Barcelona. We can also mark a difference by naming our tables originally. When you are choosing your wedding table names you could use your family’s and friend’s nicknames, “The Smiths” or “The Scotts” for the Seating Plan, and then have photos of them for the Table Names, so they would have to look for their photos to know where they are sitting… Or you could have a world map for your seating plan, and give your tables names of countries or cities that you and your fiancé have travelled to. At G&D’s wedding this summer we decorated all the venue with Aromatic Plants and Herbs. The venue they chose was a typical Catalan stone country house, in the middle of a natural park, surrounded by beautiful vineyards. Each table centre piece was made up from the plants that gave that table it’s name, which was also written on a small chalk board. My recommendation is that once you have decided on your date and your wedding venue, try to find a type of stationary that matches the venue’s style. As I mentioned before, your Save the Date and/or Invite are an introduction of your wedding, giving your guests and idea of  your wedding’s style, and colour theme.  Then you will start to decide on your flowers, the areas to decorate, the table linen, etc. At first finding a style for your wedding can seem a little tough, but it is a key decision which will help you personalize your wedding right from the start. Would you like to learn more about customizing your wedding? Contact us!  We specialize in Tailor Made Weddings!! Featured in this post are some examples of my work with details from both Leloup Barcelona, and, vendors whom I work with and strongly recommend for personalizing your wedding. And here is the link to the article I am featured in in ZankYou. Hugs and love… See you soon!!   😉
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