Yes that’s right! We are here today to help you style your wedding. 

Together with my team, we have styled a few, and we are ready to share the most important 10 tips on how to style your wedding!

So get your note book, ipad or whatever you used to jot ideas down, and get ready to find out what I believe are the most important tips to style your wedding.

10 (very important) Tips on Styling Your Wedding


1. Inspiration is key

When you envisage your wedding, what do you see?
Where do you see yourself?  What is important to you?  What do you like?
Inspiration is key to source your weddings feel, which is truly a reflection of your personality, style and taste. Once you find your inspiration, the rest will flow to you.



Think big, but also think small, now how do you see those small details?

What do the flowers look like in your bouquet? And what size is it? How will it feel in your hands?

Think about the earrings you’ll be wearing, the jewellery that will shine beside your new wedding ring.

What textures will your dress have? How do you want to feel in your dress?


3. mood what?

Mood Board!

Now you have your inspiration let’s paste it onto a board. And no, I don’t mean a Pinterest one! (Even though the app is great for inspiration…)


It is now time to collect all your ideas in one place, combining photos will help you see them together and decide if they match or clash. You may have been looking into two different styles and once you actually put them together, they could be a terrible combination or you could find that they are the perfect match!


4. CHOOSE YOUR COLOURS and materials

When looking at your inspirational photos, you will see you probably have a tendency to go for the same colours and materials.

Choose them wisely as they will be added into the details when designing your wedding.




Your wedding flow is part of the planning and the logistics, yes, but it is also has a big effect on the styling of your wedding.

Think about how guests will arrive, the path they’ll follow to the ceremony, how they’ll be moved on to the cocktail party, and then to the reception. Where will you have your first dance, and how will your guests join you to the dance floor.



Decide where everything will be happening when you are on your site visit.

You need to plan out where your guests are meeting when they arrive, and where you will hold your ceremony, cocktail party, reception and dance.



While on your site visit, step into your guests shoes, and look at your venue as a visitor.

What areas of the ceremony, cocktail party, reception and dance do you think need decorating? What would you like your guests to see when they are in each of those locations?

Visualize what they will look like on the day, when you and your partner are there.


8. gift each area with something special

Look into each an every area that your guests will be spending time at and think about their needs.

Is the weather hot, maybe we can add some fans as wedding favours, or even paper parasols to help guests with the heat during the ceremony.

And how about some shawls for guests to grab during the dance when the sun sets?

All of your wedding favours can be placed in strategic places, ensuring your guests find them and use them during your wedding.

And you know what, you can even buy them to match your wedding colours and style!  😉



Now you are ready to start the styling project!

You have your colours, materials, style and feel. So now it’s time you move onto the next step.

Make a list of each area you wish to decorate, and add photos or drawings of all the details you wish to include. A wooden tepee as a decorative element, rugs on the floor defining a space, a certain style of chair, or plate, a particular type of lighting or maybe a certain type of champagne flute…?

This is the moment to put all your ideas together to take to your wedding vendors for estimates.


10. believe in yourself

Yes, believe!

You have it in you girl!

This is your wedding, so your rules, your style and your taste. Listen to your closest and allow some room to be influenced slightly, but go with your gut feeling. Don’t change to something you are not. It is your wedding day, believe in your self and the project your have created for the styling of your wedding.



10 + 1. and an extra tip… just in case!

And on extra tip, ok let’s call the post 11 TOP TIPS ON STYLING YOUR WEDDING

Last but not least, we are always here to help! So if you started your wedding planning journey already and it’s getting a bit too much, reach out, send me a message and I will gladly help you out!

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